What We Do

WOMEN On BOARDs JORDAN  thrives to foster dialogue and collaboration opportunities amongst its network and stakeholders

in order to bolster the capacity and efficacy of strategic positioning of Jordanian women on boards of directors and serves

as a hub to 

  •  Support board diversity and women in senior executive ranks

  •  Increase and raise the profile and visibility of women who are ready to fill non-executive directorship positions (NED)

  •  Support initiatives for women's access to decision-making positions through offering equal & fair opportunities

  •  Raise awareness of the importance of gender diversity to non-executive directors recruitment

  •  Secure quality females expertise who merit to be in decision-making positions

  •  Build and provide a database of “Who’s Who” of qualified women board candidates to companies

  •  Back women managers eligible for positions of major responsibility with soft and technical skills which are most needed to     resume C-Suite roles

  • Mentoring & Coaching

  • Networking and Inspiration

  • Conferences, Seminars and Workshops

WOMEN On BOARDs JORDAN  an open network with different membership options available to suit women at all stages of their careers.  It's well known that diversity leads to more innovation and better quality decision-making, this will correlate with better business results overall (see Knowledge Center for some key studies in this area)